Mark Twain once said, "The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don't want and drink what you don't like." As someone who had high cholesterol and spends each day around food, and celebrates daily passion for delicious meals. Rob Leighton started Kardea Nutrition to prove Twain wrong. Healthy eating can be incredibly delicious!

Many of life’s magic moments occur over a meal. Casual acquaintances turn into friends, marriage purposeless, “Can I cook for you?” date, or even while the wife may curl up with a novel, you might like to end the day with a good cookbook or prefer over the breakfast newspaper.

The goal of Kardea, which means ‘heart’ in Greek, is to support your continuing education around heart healthy nutrition to help you enjoy heart healthy eating, each and every day.

This book serves as a practical guide to heart healthy (yet still delicious) nutrition in an eating culture increasingly at odds with cardiovascular wellness.

Make Kardea part of your journey to improved heart health and vital living! You cannot afford not too

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